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                PANTONE色卡大致可分為 PANTONE印刷色卡(適用于平面設計印刷行業:銅版紙用PANTONE C色卡,膠版紙用PANTONE U色卡),PANTONE紡織色卡(適用于紡織和家居行業:PANTONE TPX色卡(紙版印的色卡),PANTONE TCX色卡(純棉布做的色卡)),PANTONE塑膠色卡(適用于塑膠行業)。    免費下載 · PANTONE潘通色卡色(Excel電子版)




                PANTONE 潘通色卡色號對照表
                 免費下載 · PANTONE潘通色卡色(Excel電子版)

                Use these charts to spec colors from comps produces using a digital cmyk device. Please note that, because it Uses four-colour (cmyk) process to create colors, and pantone is a spot-color standard, these colors will Correlate more closely (albiet not perfectly) with the pantone process color simulation guide than with The spot-color book you probably have in your office.Some color names have been abbreviated in order to save space: “Pro” referes to “process”, “wm” to “warm”, “cl” to “cool”, and “rhod” to “rhodamine”。